1) You (or your band) must be a current member of the Indie Music Channel.

2) All songs and/or videos being submitted for award consideration must be loaded 
into each artist's (or band's) Indie Music Channel music and/or video player.

3) All songs being submitted need to be placed at the top of the Artist's IMC music player

so that the judges can find each of your songs easily.

4) Out of respect to the judges, please be sure to position your music player 
in the center of your IMC page.  "
Click Here" to see how to reposition your music player.  

- All songs being submitted must have received airplay on a terrestrial radio station (commercial or college radio), 
internet radio/mobile app radio stations (example: iHeart Radio, Spotify, Pandora, Indie Music Channel app, etc.) 

or satellite radio stations (Sirius/XM, etc.), regardless of the air date. 

- Songs that have been submitted for any previous Indie Music Channel Award ARE eligible to be submitted for any of the Radio Music Awards categories, even if the song(s) reached a "Nominated" or "Winner" status for an Indie Music Channel Award, ​as long as the submission was not nominated, or won, a previous Radio Music Award.

 - Only original music, or music of which the artist has legal right to submit for award consideration, is eligible for submission.  No cover songs, unless they are in the Public Domain, 
or unless the artist has proof of signed licensing/legal rights to perform, record and release that song.

- There is no need for artists to encourage their fans to vote for their submission.  
Whether you have a million fans, or just one, the judging process for the Radio Music Awards

is done by a panel of radio industry professionals (i.e., Program Directors, Station Managers,

Radio Station DJs, Music Directors, etc.) in the genres of their expertise. 

Thus, all submissions are given equal consideration regardless of fan input.   

The highest rated submissions from each category will advance on to "Nominee" status. 

There is no additional submission fee for "Nominees" to advance on to the final round of judging.

The names of the winners will be listed online on the Indie Music Channel and Radio Music Awards websites.

 All winners receive a complimentary Official Electronic Radio Music Awards Winner Certificate

sent via email upon request by the winner. 

A Radio Music Awards trophy, with the winner's name prominently engraved, is also available

and can be mailed to the winner upon request

(NOTE: winners are responsible for trophy and engraving costs,

as well as postage & handling charges for shipping trophies).

All submission fees are non-changeable and non-refundable.


Early Bird Submissions

Now thru March 1

$25 per category

Late Submissions

March 2 thru March 18

$35 per category

Submissions Close​  

Monday March 18

Nominees to be announced    

Wednesday March 20

Winners to be announced  

Wednesday March March 27

To submit your songs for awards consideration,

click on any of the awards genres below!

As an independent artist, this may be one of the most 

important awards you ever enter!

If you are an artist or band whose music has received airplay on
terrestrial or internet radio stations, then you deserve to be recognized for your outstanding achievement!

Each year, The Radio Music Awards recognizes independent singers and bands from around the world who have achieved the outstanding accomplishment of receiving terrestrial, satellite and/or internet radio airplay for their music, ​in spite of not being signed to a major record label.

Radio airplay has traditionally been elusive for the independent artist and has historically only been achieved by artists signed to record deals with major labels.  For an independent artist to receive radio airplay is a major accomplishment, a feat that truly deserves recognition!  If your song has received airplay on a terrestrial radio station (commercial or college radio), internet radio (Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, You Tube Music, etc.) or satellite radio (Sirius/XM, etc.), then it's time you receive the recognition you deserve! 

The music genre links above serve as opportunities for independent artists to be awarded for their achievements.  Submissions in the above genres are judged by radio industry professionals (i.e., Program Directors,
Station Managers, Radio Station DJs, Music Directors, etc.).

Thus, the results by these judges serve as an example to their radio industry peers that you,

an independent artist, have music that is worthy of radio airplay!

The success of being nominated, or even winning, a Radio Music Award has greatly increased the popularity of countless independent artists over the years among the radio industry!

Congratulations to this year's Nominees!